02 August 2010

It's so nice to relate.

this lonely view is so depressing. i dont even know what should i do. just sit back and let all the thoughts pass by..

letting the best part of my life go. sometimes no one knows what is inside. trying to understand others, but when those that matter will try to understand me. when will be my turn? when will be my time?

does anyone know? please let me know..

just in case i wont be able to tell her, i love her. who will she be?

after so many years, so many time, so many persons.. its nothing personal anymore. for those whom i share this, just listen, cause im just trying to express whats inside.

so lame that the ones that dont have anything to do with the problem have to know it. the pressure is not that high, but enough to keep my mind busy with it.

should i start to be more aggresive?

you, just let me think of you. its not the hope that i keep anymore, just to let my soul be in peace. you wont likely be mine, but i dont give a damn. just do whatever you are doing. i wont interfere. those happiness you cant find from me. i know my uncapabalities. and im uncapable in a lot of things.

those who have tasted it. im way lacking of it, behind. those love songs, even so depressive i still enjoyed. i somehow find it relaxing to be sometimes in despair.

the rain is falling. and the day is turning to night. this hunger will still repeat the next day.

those sands.. the beaches... the morning. the mist. the breeze. please let me be there.....

the journey is still long. full of unexpectancies. i wont regret. just sighing.

the face, that look, your voice. i only hope that you are just that simple. please let me know whats in your mind.

im just afraid that i will be too involved again. and after all my involvement, youll still ignore me in the end. meaningless. if i mean something, thank you very much.

silence is the best way to make someone stays away. i wont likely follow others path. to know that ive found motive for things im doing was so great. but to know that eventually the motive is not going to stay the way i hope, life is over.

for the promised one. just letting you know. i will love you so much. thank you for the future.

pointless huh??

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